Our Mission

When it comes to the betterment of society, clichés like "Impossible reads I M POSSIBLE", "Nothing is impossible", seem very apt. And this is what JND Charitable Trust has incorporated in its very being. At its inception, we made it a point that all steps that are necessary to be taken for uplifting individuals and families of the region will be undertaken with full gusto. It is with this in mind that we have charted our mission.

We intend to:
* Establish schools, colleges and coaching centres with scientific and human temperament for both boys and girls;
* Establish institutes in the spheres of education, training and research, and organize campaigns and awareness programmes with the aim of including such values and imparting such knowledge which go into making perfect human beings so that a world is created where everyone can co-exist harmoniously;
* To establish units and bureaus for dissemination of useful knowledge;
* To provide facilities for conferences and seminars and courses on subjects as deemed appropriate;
* To rejuvenate and revive village industries, ethnic crafts and local arts and culture;
* To establish and maintain projects for the benefit of the local community with reference to health, nutrition, environment, literacy, agriculture, etc;
* To aid and assist any other lawful Trust, Society, institute or Associations having similar objectives;
* To provide financial assistance, aid, scholarships, stipends, grants, loans, donation for the
    abovementioned objectives;
    * To help in the welfare of old and widows;
       * To help in the employment of the poor and helpless;
         * To work for the development and welfare of the weaker sections or society, including women,
            disabled and children;
              * To establish schools and institutes to promote technical and computer education;
                 * To work for providing all possible aid in case of natural disasters, such as drought,
                   earthquake, etc.

In order to co-exist well, it is important to promote ideal culture, equality
and brotherhood. The task is very daunting, but with bigger hearts
we can make a difference. Join us to make the world a
better place to live in.