About Us


Registration Nunber 13 (Baraipatti, Marar Bindawalia, Tehsil Padrauna, District Kushinagar, Uttar Pradesh Pin-274306)

JND Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation established in 2013 solely for the purpose of society development. We are working towards social awareness, strengthening society and youth empowerment to reach out to a wider arena in the world and touch the lives of those in need.
This effort is a mode of contributing back to society.


- The Trust’s activities are governed by guidelines laid down by law for such Charitable Institutions to avoid misuse in any way

- All activities are conducted in a completely transparent manner

- All decisions related to the Trust’s activities are taken by a two-third majority of members

- Individuals & corporates contributing to the Trust are informed about where and how the funds collected are being used

- The Trust deems to felicitate citizens, teachers and NGOs involved in philanthropic work to encourage such social activities in society


Contributions by Friends, Associates & Corporates

We intend to raise enough seed capital so that charitable activities are funded from the accrued interest earnings of the seed capital