Our Vision

Community is not the crowd where we are together without being known. Communities are the neighbourhoods where we live and play, on the streets where we conduct our business, and in those spaces where we gather to worship and remember. When we live in the community, it is also our responsibility to build it so that each individual becomes capable of achieving higher and better things.

And as all human beings possess multiple intelligences, Community Building is all about getting ideas into action.

Decades ago, our forefathers ventured into building their communities through various means so that each member became a self-sustaining entity. Artisans were given freedom as well as all possible help so that their craft would spread in a wider region and they got their much desired appreciation, farming techniques were enhanced so that farmers became self-sustaining, pastures were given for dairy and cattle rearing so they would be no dearth of nutrients, and help was provided to everyone else who wanted to practice their art and professions so that they could prosper.

It is this legacy that we at JND Charitable Trust intend to carry forward; the task that was started by our forefathers and has been suspended for long needs to spread to other regions.

For long we have been raising many questions. Why is it that this region has not been able to prosper as much as others in the rest of the country? What is lacking that people need to go to other parts of the country to work as labourers? Is there a dearth of work in this region which desperately needs to catch up with the rest of the world? Are we not resource rich? Are our people not well-educated? Do they suffer from ill-health and malnutrition problems? Are the central and state governments or government functionaries turning a blind eye to the problems of this region? The number of questions are endless, but the answers are limited.

It is with this objective that the Trust has been formed that if the people were so well-to-do during the times of our forefathers, what went wrong that things have slipped now. We need to carry forward not only the legacy that has been left behind by our ancestors, but also build on it with the changing times.

Changing times call for innovative steps in achieving the objective of better education, better health and nutrition, better employment, better industries, and better lives.

We at JND Charitable Trust are here to make all these things into reality, for a better neighbourhood, for a better city, for a better country, and for a better world.